People First

It’s a simple thought, but how well do you apply it?

People First offers two newsletters when you subscribe.

'Short Sharp Shock' is a free image-first newsletter designed to make you sit up and think. Each week I explore the 'status quo' and ‘received wisdom’ of business thinking and ask two questions.

  • Do you agree?

  • If you do - will you still agree in the future?

It might occasionally be provocative, but never for the sake of it. I hope it will always create a dialogue.

A paid subscription provides access to a long-form newsletter, ‘People First’ which explores the issues of the Short Sharp Shock in greater detail, providing deeper thoughts on the headline and exploring the detail beneath the headline.

It’s also a big topic, so the newsletter is focused on how People First thinking can be applied in the specific disciplines of Sales and Marketing. That said - everything is connected - so don’t expect it to be only about that.

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John Philpin
A board-level executive with extensive international experience in the global software and technology industry. People First seeks to rebalance the Business Equation.