People First

It’s a simple thought, but what does it mean?

The initiative is designed to focus on how we can all be better at thinking how best to put people first in the context of business where more often than not, people are an afterthought.

I might be talking about data collection, identity, the future of work, values … there are a raft of topics (that we call pillars) that float to the top of my mind. We seek to

  1. Highlight the issues.

  2. Provide context for how it all fits together.

  3. Offer alternative viewpoints and better ways than current best practice.

The Newsletters

'Short Sharp Shock' is an image-first newsletter designed to make you sit up and think as we explore the 'status quo' and ‘received wisdom’ of business thinking and ask two questions.

  • Does it make sense?

  • Is there a better way?

The simplest example might be something like data collection. Why do businesses collect data (often without the permission of the people whose data they are collecting), when there are solutions that allow them to connect data - that deliver better results for business and are based on ‘permissions’.

I think there is.

Short Sharp Shock might be provocative, but never for the sake of it and should always create dialogue.

‘People First’ is a long-form newsletter that explores the topics raised in the ‘Short Sharp Shock’, providing deeper thoughts on the headline and exploring how we might change.

The Big Picture

It’s a big topic and a work of passion. It is not about culture, or politics. The thinking is absolutely rooted in Business. (Advice often given to writers is to write what you know about - and business I know about). But even ‘business’ is a big tent - so I focus even more to examine how People First thinking can be applied in the specific disciplines of Sales and Marketing.

The framework I use to extract and build on the ideas is ‘The Business Equation’.

That said - everything is connected - so don’t expect it to be only about that!

What Does It Cost?

Nothing. We have experimented with different models and ideas, but at the end of the day, this is an important project of passion. You can become a paying subscriber - and many do - which allows us to continue to provide what you read and hear for free to everybody. If you are paying, you are part of the club that helps us share our ideas and stories with everyone. Many thanks in anticipation of your financial support.

People First is a 100% free publication, that is enabled by readers who become paid subscribers. The few help the many.

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John Philpin

A board-level executive with extensive international experience in the global software and technology industry. People First seeks to rebalance the Business Equation.