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December 2022

It’s the season of giving. Why not join in and give the gift of a People First subscription to a friend or loved one. This past year has seen many more…

November 2022

Maybe We Will? Not only that, we're talking Unions, 'frĕndshôrĭng' and fictional narratives describing the 'Future of Work'.
It's Not All About Substack, it's also about improving conversation.
A private space for us to converse and connect

October 2022

Not A Typo
Why Do I Do What I Do?

September 2022

It's Personal
Travels Without Charley celebrates the humanity of the world. I hope you like the story.

August 2022

Can we build a world that stops the collection of data and at the same time improves customer experience, revenue and profitability for business and…
A Short Sharp Shock: David Byrne, Nick Cave are just two of my references in today’s newsletter. Hope you like.
100 poems, each with precisely 10 lines, each line containing precisely 10 syllables. One hundred poems, ten thousand syllables.