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... and Life - An Interview With John Philpin
- Let’s take three words ... again!
A Podcast. A Blog Post. A Future.
Mmm - gonna try with a little help from my friends
Today, I share a great podcast with Sheila Warren from earlier this year. Responsible for Technology, Policy & Innovation and ‘Head of Data, Blockchain…
... it's been a while!
Where NextThe hiatus is coming to an end. I want to use this space to ask you where you would like to go next with our conversation. What’s on your mind?
Whatever you want to call it ... that's what we are doing.
Is it an opportunistic play or the start of a serious move into new thinking?
NFTs are catching on. I think we might finally have landed on something that can help artists make money. But it isnt going to be easy, so I think a new…