Aug 26, 2020

047 | Put Yourself In The Place Of The Man At The Forge

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Jacob and I have known each other for a few years, first meeting in the earliest days of the forming of Merchant23. Jacob keeps growing the business but is now taking the lessons from Merchant23 developing them and turning them into new businesses.

About Jacob

If you are a business and struggling with how to engage with people in your customer base - it might well be that Jacob is your solution.

Empathy, connecting with humanity, feeling the energy, putting yourself into the shoes of your customer - these are phrases Jacob uses in his natural conversation. These aren’t glib buzz words - this is who Jacob is … and with him, his customers are in turn taken on their journeys to better engage with their customers.

Get in touch with Jacob at Traffic Labs and Merchant23

Small Print:

John works with Jacob at Merchant23 as a board adviser.

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