049 | Call It Serendipity


LaTonya Peoples is her name - and you are already acquainted with her - because she is the brains behind the music and the 'musical punctuation' you hear on every show.

Musician, Musical Therapist and IT consultant, LaTonya 'talks to the universe', followed and follows her dreams, in fact, she routinely practices many People First disciplines which is just one reason why I was absolutely delighted to catch up with her from her studio in Atlanta.

We touch on

  • Pay, Purpose, Passion and Play

  • Following Your Dreams

  • Travels Without Charlie

  • Serendipity

  • Talking to the Universe

... we get into it all. The show is a little longer than my promised target, but trust me, the time will just rush by as you settle into my conversation with LaTonya Peoples.

Links To LaTonya Peoples

Website : https://latonyapeoples.com

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and don’t forget

Music Supervisor DOT Com

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