Nov 4, 2020

054 | Real People Do Real Things, So What You Here For?

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It's longer than I would like - but as you'll see - it could be a lot longer.

I am joined this week by a long time associate and business colleague, Mark Roman, who is not just an absolute mine of information, he is here to share it with you.

Mark is not just a Fortune 50 Executive, having founded several companies in his career, he is also a best selling author, with a second book on the way which we talk about on the show.

We talk about

  • A new book he is writing, where he is collating and curating interviews with 400 experts from across the globe on raising money and funding your business.

  • Health care and the business of health.

  • Childhood, love, caring and about what it means to be rich (though not in the way you might be thinking.)

  • How ‘Business moves at the speed of trust’ - but also that ‘Business is Personal’.

And that was just the start - because at the end of the show, you discover that it is not the end of the show at all. We move on - but you’ll have to wait for that until the next episode!

Quote of the day:

"People matter in business and personal relationships, people get work done, not machines, not 'bots', 'software agents' or 'AI algorithms'. These are all just tools. People get the business done."

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