It Might Not Be What You Think It Is!

One of a series of ‘Reflections’.

Always revealing differences. Often adding new facets.
To know the reflection is to understand the subject.


I don’t want to talk about ID ... I want to talk about the other part of ‘Identity’.

Entity: “A thing with distinct and independent existence. Existence; being.”

We get so caught up in the idea that your ID is your identity that we forget that ‘entity’ is also part of ‘identity’.

Your ‘ID’ is not your ‘Identity’.

An ‘ID’ demonstrates to a third party that some ‘authority’ is essentially validating ‘who you are’. That you are ‘of an age’, live at an address, have sufficient funds to …

But without that ID, you are still you. An entity. Born. Walking on planet earth. You might not be able to prove it to others - but look around - you exist.

Even without ‘ID’, you remain an ‘entity’ - with distinct and independent existence.


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